Almost Paleo Apple Pie (Grain-Free)

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Gooey, sweet and deliciously-spiced paleo apple pie filling tucked inside a buttery, flakey almond flour pie crust. Minus the butter, it’s made entirely with paleo-friendly ingredients!

🍎Paleo Apple Pie🍏

A few key things I think you’ll LOVE about this recipe:

Pre-Cooked Filling: An extra step that is easily worth it for a richer flavor and saucier filling. No need to worry about a soggy bottom crust! Less Sugar: The twice-cooked apples get plenty of time to mingle and marinate in sugar and spice with way less sweetener needed than your typical apple pie recipe. Flakey Almond Flour Crust: Simple, buttery, flakey and gluten free! Apple Pie Filling Apple Prep: Peel, core and dice. Combine: Add apples,

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