Blackstone Brussels Sprouts Recipe

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Blackstone Brussels Sprouts Recipe — Blackstone Griddled Brussels Sprouts is a mouthwatering side dish that elevates the humble Brussels sprout to a whole new level.

These little green gems are cooked to perfection on a hot Blackstone griddle, achieving a delightful char and a tender interior.

Tossed with olive oil, garlic, and a dash of seasoning, they offer a delightful balance of crispy, caramelized edges and a rich, nutty flavor that’s incredibly satisfying. Whether you’re a Brussels sprout enthusiast or looking to convert skeptics, this recipe is a game-changer that turns a simple vegetable into a star side dish that’s perfect for any meal.

The key to success with Blackstone Brussels sprouts is the griddle’s high, even heat, allowing for quick

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