Brown Sugar Bourbon Candied Bacon Skewers

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These Brown Sugar Bourbon Candied Bacon Skewers transform regular bacon into a gourmet treat that will tantalize your taste buds. A sweet caramelized brown sugar, smokey bacon, and a hint of boozy bourbon create the perfect sweet and savory combination.

Who doesn’t love a bit of candied bacon, or as I like to call it, “pig candy”? It’s the ultimate add-on for your brunch table or as a nibble at family get-togethers. This recipe takes those bacon strips to the next level with a delicious coat of caramelized brown sugar and a hint of bourbon. Skewered for easy munching, these brown sugar bacon lollipops are perfect for anything from a laid-back brunch to your swankiest cocktail party.

Now, imagine bacon, but way

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