Chestnut Puree

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Chestnut Puree vs. Chestnut Spread

Before we go into the details of making chestnut puree at home, allow me to explain the difference between chestnut puree and chestnut spread. Because even though they both include blending chestnuts to a creamy consistency, chestnut purée and chestnut spread aren’t the same thing.

Chestnut purée, also referred to as marron paste, tends to have a nuttier, earthier taste, as it comes together with a mixture of cooked chestnuts, milk (or water), a little (optional) sugar, and vanilla bean (or extract). Because of its mild, versatile flavor, chefs often use it in sweet and savory recipes. Furthermore, chestnut puree recipes usually remove most excess liquid, creating a more paste-like texture.

By contrast, a chestnut spread recipe,

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