Easy BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

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BBQ chicken quesadillas are a fun spin on classic quesadillas! They’re loaded with sweet & tangy shredded bbq chicken, cilantro, onion and melty cheese! Crispy, cheesy & full of smoky-sweet flavor – they’re perfect for an easy dinner!

Quesadillas were one of my favorite meals growing up- and these bbq chicken quesadillas have been a favorite in our family for years! (They’re are a much simpler version of my Loaded BBQ Chicken Quesadillas but are every bit delicious.) Crispy, cheesy, smoky-sweet and LOADED with shredded chicken! Need I say more?!

These are the BEST chicken quesadillas! There’s just something about bbq sauce, chicken and melted cheese that makes my heart swoon. It’s pure comfort food in the very best way! We love

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