Easy Chicken Curry with Potatoes

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Easy chicken curry with potatoes brings succulent chicken breast and spice-soaked potatoes together in a warming, Indian curry sauce. It’s honest, earthy and comforting. And ready in around 30 minutes.

We love a chicken curry recipe in my house, so I have a bunch! Try chicken korma, a mild and creamy one. Butter chicken curry, rich and decadent. Or coconut chicken and rice with green beans for a biryani-style gut-buster.

Homemade chicken curry

I am all about homemade food right now. While the cost of everything seems to be rising, I’m on the look out for inventive ways to tighten our belt that don’t mean missing out. And a homemade chicken curry, rather than a takeout, is right up my alley.

But besides being a fraction of the price, the benefits of a home

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