Easy Feta Chicken Salad

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Feta chicken salad – A flavorful high-protein meal ready in less than 20 minutes! It’s creamy, vibrant & loaded with fresh veggies! Perfect for lunches during the week & incredibly versatile!

Comin’ at ya with another chicken salad recipe this week! Easy Feta Chicken Salad! It’s loaded with crisp veggies, fresh herbs, lean shredded chicken and you guessed it – lots of feta cheese!

I just love the flavors in this salad! The fresh dill, lemon juice and minced garlic pair perfectly with all the crisp veggies and salty feta cheese in the dish. Plus it’s loaded with protein! With an equal base of plain Greek yogurt and mayonnaise, this chicken salad has 2x the protein AND 2x the flavor. You’re going

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