Harissa Powder

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If you’re a fan of this spice’s bold, spicy, and deep taste, you’ll fall head over heels for my other harissa recipes. My Homemade Harissa Recipe is an essential condiment for any spice lover, while my Harissa Vinaigrette will transform any weekday salad into a flavor-packed meal.

What is Harissa Spice?

Harissa spice—also referred to as a “harissa spice blend,” “harissa seasoning,” or “harissa powder”—is a spicy, aromatic seasoning made from a mixture of dried chili peppers and other spices, such as cumin, coriander, and caraway seeds.

This hot seasoning is native to Tunisia, though it’s since spread to other areas in North Africa and the Middle East, including Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt. Because of its vast popularity, harissa powder has developed many uses,

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