Harissa Vinaigrette

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In this simple guide, I’ll teach you how to make a restaurant-quality harissa vinaigrette dressing, including preparation tips, tasty uses, and storage guides.

What is Harissa Dressing Made Of?

The best way to capture the bright flavors of CAVA’s hot harissa vinaigrette is by using the right ingredients—fresh, flavorful, and already in your pantry!

Olive oil: Though a little more expensive, high-quality extra virgin olive oil is excellent for vinaigrettes due to its richness and depth. (Remember: Olive oil plays a big part in vinaigrette recipes!) Still, any olive oil will work as long as you like its flavor. Lemon juice or vinegar: I recommend using fresh lemon juice due to its bright, citrusy overtones. However, if you want sharper, more acidic

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