Iced Oatmeal Cookies

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Perfect for the holidays, these iced oatmeal cookies are soft, moist, and packed with cinnamon and nutmeg for cozy spiced flavor. Topped with a layer of homemade icing, you’ll love every bite!

Oatmeal cookies are so underrated. Their nutty flavor and texture is the best! Try these oatmeal raisin cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or banana oatmeal cookies next!

Iced Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

I’ve got the scoop on a cookie recipe that’s super simple but will have everyone raving. With this recipe for iced oatmeal cookies, you take a classic spiced oatmeal cookie and slather it with a sweetened icing for the ultimate indulgence. No need to be a pro baker, just grab some oats, a few kitchen basics, and let the magic

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