Mini Apple Crisp Cookie Cups

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One of my favorite ways to make new dessert recipes is to take two great desserts and combine them. Like churros and cheesecake. Or cookie dough and ice cream sandwiches. Or carrot cake and cookies, baked in a muffin tin to make cookie cups.

That last one came out so well that I decided to try the same trick again, but with apple crisp. To make it easy, I used canned apple pie filling for the apple and oatmeal cookie mix for the “crisp” part. I blended it with butter, egg, and just a touch of cream to make a nice, stiff dough that would mold nicely into the cups.

Then I filled those cups with the chopped-up apple filling, topped each one with little sprinkles of the dough like a streusel, and baked them until they were golden brown. And for

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