Salisbury Steak

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You’re gonna love my old-fashioned Salisbury Steak Recipe! Imagine the juiciest Salisbury steak you’ve ever had, drenched in a lusciously thick mushroom gravy. The minced garlic and onion powder infuse the beef patties with a rich aroma, while the mushrooms and red wine give the gravy a depth that’s out of this world. Now, pair that with the creamiest mashed potatoes, and green beans sautéed to crisp-tender perfection, and you have a true finger-licking meal!

I know many of you might have flashbacks of those iconic TV dinners of Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a chocolate brownie (oh gosh, does that make me sound old?!). But trust me, this homemade version is going to knock those Hungry-Man trays right out

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