Toffee Snowballs

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Toffee Snowball Cookies are the best recipe for any holiday get together. Not only are they just a classic snowball recipe but they have toffee inside. They have the best flavor, and are covered in powdered sugar. Who could ask for more?

Table of ContentsToffee Snowball CookiesIngredients NeededHow to make Snowball Cookie with ToffeeToffee Snowball Cookies Recipe Recipe Toffee Snowball Cookies

Snowball cookies are known being delicate cookies that melt in your mouth with just a bit of crunch from chopped nuts. My normal Russian Tea Cakes recipe uses pecans, but I went nut-free with these and use toffee bits instead.

I am known as the snowball queen, with so many recipes: Chocolate Chip Snowballs, Mint Chip Snowballs, Chocolate Snowball Cookies and so many

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