Twix Cookie Dough

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Irresistible combination of cookie dough and Twix bars, perfectly blended to deliver a explosion of textures and flavors in every bite.

Twix Cookie Dough combines the classic, beloved flavors of a Twix candy bar with the irresistible texture and taste of cookie dough. This delicious treat features the traditional crispy biscuit and caramel layers of Twix, embedded in a smooth, edible cookie dough. The cookie dough is typically rich and buttery, studded with tiny chunks of milk chocolate that complement the crunchy cookie and gooey caramel perfectly.

This confectionery delight offers a unique twist by merging the comforting taste of homemade cookie dough with the satisfying crunch and caramel sweetness of Twix. It’s an innovative snack that appeals to both cookie

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