Blackened Chicken Alfredo

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It’s midweek, you fancy an ultra creamy pasta dish, but the rest of the family want to eat spicy chicken Cajun-style. What a conundrum, right? Not anymore! Blackened Chicken Alfredo might seem like an unlikely pairing of rich cheesy sauce and smoky-rubbed chicken but believe me- it’s a delicious hybrid that just put an end to dinner drama. 

If Blackened Chicken Alfredo is one step too far into the fusion food world, play it safe with classically flavoured sun-dried tomato pasta with chicken. This favourite brings together succulent chicken breast, slurpy spaghetti, ripe tomatoes and a flutter of chilli flakes.

Chicken Alfredo

Do you Alfredo? I do! And do! You could say that I’m a bit of an Alfredo fanatic with no less than

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