Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simply Cook’d?

Simply Cook’d is an automatic recipe curating site that focuses on curating recipes from food bloggers, professional chefs and recipe developers that have published their recipes on line. View our ABOUT page.

We focus on visual image search that will help you find new recipes to try. We do not publish any recipes that we do not have permission to publish or we did not create ourselves.

How do recipe images get published on Simply Cook’d?

Recipes images are published from approved websites that create and share recipes. All images link back to the recipe creator’s website.

Is there an approval process?

Yes there is a review and approval process before any recipes appear on Simply Cook’d. However, once the recipe site is approved, any subsequent recipes in a category will automatically appear on Simply Cook’d.

Who can submit recipe sites or blogs?

Anyone can submit a recipe blog by adding it through our Submit Recipes form. All sites are screened and must meet our publishing standards before we approve the recipe site.

I’m a recipe creator, why should I submit my blog to Simply Cook’d?

Recipe submission sites were the go-to link submission platform for recipe creators. For one reason or another, some of the most beloved food sharing sites shut down leaving recipe creators and recipe seekers disappointed.

We are working on bringing that community back together where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for food.

Once a food recipe sharing site gets approved all the following new recipe images get published automatically on Simply Cook’d with a do-follow link to the original post.

The benefits of submitting your recipe site:

  1. Link to your latest recipes on auto, which means a deep link to your newest, freshest content without you having to do a single thing.
  2. The link to your recipe is a do-follow link from a related niche site, this is great for SEO.
  3. Get new traffic and build your audience. As mentioned before, we never publish full recipes, just an image, a brief excerpt from the post and/or an ingredient list with a direct link to the recipe, which is your site. The majority of the time is spent on your direct post.

So join us today, we’d love to have you on board and see what you are cooking up!

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