Cajun Salmon Cakes

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Cajun Salmon Cakes with Jalapeno Mayonnaise make a delicious lunch or light dinner. Nicely spiced and easy to make with canned salmon.

How To Serve Cajun Salmon Cakes

I love to serve these salmon cakes over a bed of mixed greens, but you can turn them into a burger or serve them with a side of Easy Macaroni Salad and Marinated Tomatoes.

Ingredients Canned or Pouched Salmon– I prefer the salmon in a pouch. It has a fresher flavor and fewer bones and skin pieces than canned salmon. Panko Crumbs– Plain breadcrumbs, Saltine cracker crumbs, or Ritz cracker crumbs can be used instead. Egg– acts as a binder. Mayonnaise– acts as a binder. Cajun Seasoning Red Bell Pepper– green bell pepper can

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