cheddar chive biscuits

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Get ready for the flakiest, cheesiest, most delicious cheddar chive biscuits! 

They have crispy, crunchy tops and fluffy, flaky layers. The soft centers have a delicious tangy buttermilk flavor, along with big shreds of sharp cheddar and delicate chives. These biscuits are it!

Eat them flake by delicious flake, or break them in half and slather with salty butter. Dip them in soup, use them for sandwiches, or top them with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs. 

There are so many ways to enjoy these cheddar chive biscuits. But our favorite? Steaming hot, straight from the oven, when they’re tender, crunchy, and gloriously fluffy!

cheddar chive biscuit ingredients: cheddar cheese chives butter buttermilk egg all-purpose flour baking powder baking soda granulated sugar kosher

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