Chicken Forestière

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Conjuring folky tales of witches and wolves, Chicken Forestière is a flavoursome wander through woodland. Butter-soft chicken breasts are steeped in a sauce fragrant with garlic, herbs, and loamy wild mushrooms, bathing in moonlight-pale cream. Slip on your red-hooded cape and grab your wicker basket…

For a lighter French chicken recipe without cream, Chicken Provençal is a powerful bouquet of herbs in a tomato and white wine sauce.

Creamy mushroom chicken

It’s my own Hansel and Gretel roots that compel me to explore any creamy chicken and mushroom recipe. You’ll already know if you’ve tried my braised chicken and mushrooms in sour cream sauce.

What sets Forestière apart from that and other mushroom and chicken recipes like chicken Stroganoff or chicken with garlic mushroom

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