Chicken Nuggets with Veggies

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Wondering how to make homemade nuggets that kids will love? Look no further than this healthy chicken nuggets with veggies recipe, made with ground chicken, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes and baked in the oven! It’s great for babies, toddlers, older kids, and adults.

Chicken nuggets made a reappearance in my diet over the past year, as my daughter entered the world of toddler-friendly foods. While I’m definitely not opposed to making store-bought chicken nuggets as part of a balanced family meal, I started to imagine how I could make my own Veg World inspired version. I love my Veggie Chicken Burgers and Healthy Spinach Chicken Meatballs, after all.

It turns out it’s incredibly easy to make homemade nuggets and include some extra nutrients from

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