Chili Crisp Sausage Ragu Pappardelle

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Hmm… decisions, decisions. Spicy noodles or pasta? Spicy noodles or pasta? How about both?! Fuse the two together with my chili crisp sausage ragu pappardelle recipe. It’s perfect if you can’t make your mind up, or your family can’t agree. A vivid sauce of tangy tomatoes and chunky Italian sausage with a little heat from Sichuan peppercorns and chili oil, served over broad, chewy pasta, make this a lip-smacking, slurpalicious dish.

Or for a walk on the mild side, Italian sausage pasta with mushrooms is comfortingly creamy and without a tomato or chili in sight. 

Chili crisp pasta

Can’t quite get your head around chili crisp? Let alone chili crisp pasta? Let me break it down for you. Chinese cuisine is a treasure trove

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