Citrus Ricotta Cake with Orange Glaze

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Citrus Ricotta Cake with Orange Glaze Easy is an easy, citrus flavored cake made entirely in one-bowl! Made with whole milk ricotta, fresh orange juice, and baked until golden brown. This cake is best eaten for breakfast, dessert, or anytime in between! 

Pie or Cake? 

I’m batting for team cake all the way. 

Maybe it’s a texture thing? Or like my child, I’m just in the relationship for the frosting? Whatever the case, a big slice of chocolate cake will always win my heart. 

Now, there are many ways you can approach a cake. Boxes, homemade, cupcake, square, round, chocolate or fruit. I mean the list goes on. Today, I want to give my tried and true ricotta cake a spring/summer-y makeover. 

A few

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