Crockpot Cubed Steak

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This Slow Cooker Cube Steak is the ultimate weekday comfort meal! The cube steak is seared and then slow-cooked with onions and garlic, creating a rich, creamy, and flavorful savory gravy with perfectly tender meat. Serve these smothered steaks with mashed potatoes and green beans for a balanced meal that will not leave you hungry!

Table of ContentsWhy We Love This RecipeWhat You’ll NeedHow to Make Slow Cooker Cube SteakRecipe FAQ’sTips for SuccessSearing the SteakSubstitutions and VariationsMore Juicy Steak RecipesCrock Pot Cubed Steak Recipe Recipe

This is one of those not fancy but totally satisfying meals that everybody loves. Our crockpot cube steak recipe combines tender cube steak with a savory sauce, and is perfect for busy days, special occasions, or simply when you need some

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