Deviled Eggs Dip with Chives and Paprika [VIDEO]

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Deviled Eggs Dip with paprika and chives is a great way to use leftover eggs. Creamy, just a bit spicy, this is an easy and delicious appetizer. Watch the short video tutorial below and learn to quickly make this recipe at home!

I love Dips because they are simple to make, and can be served at about any event. Like Million Dollar Dip, Creamy Chicken Caesar Dip and Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Feta Dip, this dip will be the highlight of any party!

The Best Deviled Eggs Dip

Deviled Eggs Dip is a must-try!  This Dip packs all the delicious flavors of Deviled Eggs, minus the hassle. Creamy, spicy and addictively good, the dip takes just minutes to make and is

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