Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe [video]

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This cucumber salad may be easy, but it is far from boring. With crunchy, sweet slices of English cucumbers, slightly spicy red onions, and the tangy dressing of white wine vinegar and sesame oil, this dish is bursting with amazing flavors. Then, it is topped with sesame seeds for a crunchy and delicious surprise. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and you don’t even have to worry about marinating anything.

Table of contentsWhy you will love this recipeWhat you’ll need to make cucumber salad:Special items:Ingredients Needed:How to Make a Cucumber Salad?Expert tipHow to get the best cucumbersRecipe Variations:How to serve:Frequently Asked Questions:What dressing tastes good on cucumbers?How can I make my cucumbers taste better?Why are

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