Easy Hibiscus Ice Cream (No-Churn Recipe)

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Add enless scoops of cold and creamy hibiscus ice cream to your summer to-do list ASAP! Let me show you how to make the best no-churn hibiscus flower ice cream at home with just a few easy ingredients.

And if you enjoy this recipe, you’ll love my hibiscus sweet tea, too!

[feast_advanced_jump_to] What is hibiscus ice cream?

Hibiscus, also called zobo, roselle, jamaíca, is of West African origin and one of my favorite ancestral ingredients to work with. And hibiscus ice cream combines the classic flavor of a vanilla coconut ice cream base with hibiscus and a few other complementary flavors–fantastic!

This is a no-churn ice cream, meaning it’s made without the use of an ice cream maker or ingredients like egg

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