Easy Italian Meatball Sub Sandwiches

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Homemade meatballs and tangy marinara sauce make these meatball sub sandwiches the best ever! Topped with gooey fontina (or mozzarella cheese) AND provolone cheese, and piled on top of a hoagie roll, these are a crowd-pleaser! Top with fresh basil, red pepper flakes, and grated parmesan cheese for extra flavor. And serve with plenty of napkins!

We Love Meatball Sandwiches

Sunday night is SUB NIGHT in our house. Some nights I make sausage and pepper subs or French dip sandwiches. Other nights, when it’s too darn hot to cook, I make Italian hoagies. But more often than not, I make these hearty Italian meatball sub sandwiches!

I actually been making meatball subs since I was a little kid! Back then, I used frozen meatballs and spaghetti sauce because my cooking skills were quite limited. But over the

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