Gluten Free Lemon Cake with Blueberry Filling

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This gluten free lemon cake is bright, sweet and positively bursting with flavor! It’s moist, sponge layers are stacked around a juicy berry compote and wrapped inside a silky mascarpone frosting. It’s a wonderful cake to enjoy throughout the Spring and Summer seasons, for a special occasion or just for fun!

🍋Gluten-Free Lemon Cake Highlights🍋 Moist Lemon Cake: Adapted from my go-to GF Victoria Sponge recipe – this cake is every bit as light, tender and moist with a delicious lemony-pop! Juicy Blueberry Filling: The sweet and floral filling comes together quickly and easily. It’s made in one small pot with less than a handful of ingredients. The end result is a lovely, fruity filling that’s vibrant in both color and flavor!

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