harissa grilled chicken skewers

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These harissa grilled chicken skewers are peppery, tangy, and so darn juicy. I love the contrasts here: crunchy grilled edges with tender meat, spicy chicken with cool yogurt sauce, juicy meat with fluffy couscous.

We use a kefir-based marinade that seeps into every part of the chicken and infuses the meat with flavor. The soft lactic acid gently tenderizes the chicken thighs and helps the peppery, smoky, tangy harissa get into every nook and cranny.

Use your favorite harissa paste and go heavier or lighter to control the heat. If you want it extra-spicy, spoon on more harissa before serving!

Keep reading for tips to make the tastiest grilled chicken skewers and some of our favorite sides and drinks to serve with them.


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