Homemade Pop Tarts

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These adorable Homemade Pop Tarts are perfect for Valentines Day, but can be enjoyed all year round! The combo of strawberries, cheesecake filling, and our favorite flaky, buttery crust makes these hand pies truly addictive.

These strawberry, cheesecake Homemade Pop Tarts make the perfect gift for your loved ones. In This Article Why This Recipe Stands OutKey Recipe IngredientsSubstitutions And VariationsStep-By-Step Recipe InstructionsPrep Ahead TipsCommonly Asked QuestionsHomemade Pop Tarts RecipeMore To Bake And Eat View more Why This Recipe Stands Out

These Homemade Pop Tarts are infinitely better than the store bought version we grew up with. This is one of our go-to cheesecake recipes when we’re looking for something portable, and delicious. Here’s why:

Valentine’s Day: Although these

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