Malfouf Salad (Lebanese Cabbage Slaw)

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Fresh, crunchy and vibrant – this Malfouf Salad (salatet malfouf)packs in a bright and poppy punch of flavor in a the form of a simple side salad! It’s made with crunchy cabbage, sliced spring onions and fresh herbs that are mixed together then tossed in a peppy lemon garlic dressing.

⭐Lebanese Cabbage Slaw Highlights⭐ Simple Ingredients: Cabbage, spring onion, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, mint & parsley – all things you can likely stock up on easily. Bright, Bold Flavors: Simple salad? Yes! Simple flavors? Absolutely not! This salad is bright, vibrant, punchy and fresh which is why it makes such a great side dish to richer mains like grilled meats and stews. Easy Prep: Just chop, slice, mix

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