Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Alfredo

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Staying in on Valentine’s Day is the new going out! Who needs overpriced scallops and marked up fizz? Plus, taxi fare and maybe a babysitter? Awkward diners at too-close together tables? Not me! I’ll be serving the love of my life prosciutto wrapped chicken Alfredo. This special occasion worthy dish is a succulent chicken breast wrapped in crispy prosciutto ham, sliced and arranged on a bed of indulgently creamy fettuccine. To be served with our favourite (reasonably priced) wine. 

And if you’re working on a proposal this year, pull out the big guns with Marry Me Chicken. They say it’s a commitment-inspiring sensation!  

Chicken Alfredo

Alfre-I do! Although I’ve done no research to support this claim, Alfredo recipes (must) have led to countless engagements and contented relationships. Who could resist the luscious and buttery slip of cream sauce over pasta, heightened by the sharp tang of freshly grated Parmesan? 

Serving a homemade Alfredo sauce over homemade fettuccine can be taken as a pure

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