Roasted Cilantro Pepita Dressing

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Perk up your palate with this bright and smokey Cilantro Pepita Dressing! Roasted jalapeño and pepitas with fresh cilantro, creamy yoghurt and salty cheese blend together into a rich, punchy creamy sauce.

⭐Recipe Highlights⭐ Versatile Use: Not just a delicious dressing for salad – enjoy as a dipping sauce, in tacos, burgers, burrito bowls and more! Healthy Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, yoghurt, fresh herbs – this sauce is made with vibrant, nutrient packed ingredients! Smokey Flavor: Balance out the tangy and bright flavors with the sweet and smokey flavor of roasted jalapeño and nutty pepitas. Cilantro Pepita Dressing Steps

1. Roast jalapeño & pepitas

Roast the jalapeño 1st for about 10 minutes then add pumpkin seeds. After

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