Soaked Garri Recipe (Garri Cereal)

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Eating soaked garri is one of life’s simplest pleasures–and it’s so easy to make that a child could do it. In fact, it’s the very first Nigerian recipe I remember making (and greedily eating) with my dad! This staple breakfast dish only calls for four core ingredients and I have a few extra flavorful suggestions for you to incorporate to make it your own. Let’s get into it!

And if you enjoy this recipe, you’ll love my Nigerian tiger nut milk, too!

[feast_advanced_jump_to] What is garri?

Is garri a cereal? Is garri a grain? Garri is cassava (a tuber plant but not a yam) that’s been dried, ground, and fermented. In Nigerian cuisine, garri is enjoyed savory or sweet. These cassava flakes have

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