Tuscan Butter Beans with Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato

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Tuscan butter beans with spinach and sun-dried tomato is versatile, convenient and gorgeously saucy. Fat with smooth white beans, sprinkled with nutritious spinach, studded with chewy sun-dried tomatoes, and splashed with cream, this Tuscan recipe is a main meal or side dish made from common kitchen ingredients and ready in around 20 minutes.  Serve with a crisp white wine for dreamy Italian holiday vibes.

If you prefer your sun-dried tomato recipes with more muscle, my easy chicken in sun-dried tomato sauce shares this creamy butter bean recipe’s ingredients and some! Or for another similar meaty dish with a little kick, Marry Me chicken is a slightly spicier version with bonus romance?

What are butter beans?

You cannot beat a bean. I won’t go into

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