Unbelievable Pan-Fried Cantonese Noodles

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Easy, weeknight-friendly Pan Fried Cantonese Noodles! These noodles have a smoky delicious taste just like your favorite Chinese restaurants version. Seriously the best stir-fry noodles you’ll ever have!

Excuse me while I slurp up a few more of these chewy, pan fried noodles!

These Cantonese noodles are quickly becoming my life. They are a cross between my garlic noodles, and chow mein – are they are faaaabbulous.

And when so much goodness gets together on a plate these noodles become so hard to resist.

We’re talking about chow mein or noodles or egg noodles tossed in a delicious, slightly sweet, slightly spicy, soy-based sauce tossed with smoky charred cabbage and crispy noodles. Some of the noodles get extra crispy where they sizzled

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