Vegan Bulgogi

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Vegan Bulgogi

Try a vegan bulgogi that honors the savory, sweet, smoky caramelized goodness of the original Korean BBQ beef. Soy curls make the perfect meaty substitute. Learn how to make a gochujang based sauce so flavorful, even rib-eye devotees will be coming back for seconds. Seriously, this dish is on point! Make it at home in just 25 minutes.

Why This Recipe Works

Soy curls mimic meat in the best way. Hearty and meaty – but 100% vegan. Traditional Korean flavors. Punchy, savory, sweet and smoky. Versatile. Perfect over rice – or use for ssam (Korean lettuce wraps). Table of contentsWhat is BulgogiHow to Make it VeganVegan Bulgogi IngredientsBulgogi SauceOther Meat Substitutes You

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