Asian Salad Dressing (Restaurant Style)

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Pickled Plum
Asian Salad Dressing (Restaurant Style)

Boost any salad with this homemade Asian salad dressing. You only need 6 common pantry ingredients to nail the trademark umami, nutty and sweet flavors from the starter salad at your favorite Asian restaurant. I’ll show you the easiest way to emulsify any vinaigrette – plus how to quickly toast sesame seeds for an added layer of flavor and crunch.

Why This Dressing Works

It’s a full flavor, restaurant quality Asian vinaigrette you can whip up at home. Savory, tangy, nutty and umami flavors that will elevate any chopped salad. 6 ingredients. 5 minutes of your day. Tastes way better than store-bought Asian salad dressing.

I’m excited to share this

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