Best Strawberry Cobbler Recipe [Video]

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Strawberry cobbler is a delicious dessert filled with sweet, juicy strawberries finished with a golden-brown, buttery biscuit topping. Top with ice cream or whipped cream for an indulgent treat! 

Craving for more fruity desserts? You have a winner in this tangy Strawberry Crisp. My Strawberry Tiramisu is a gorgeous take on the classic version, and you’ve got a refreshing crowd-pleaser in this Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade.

Strawberry Cobbler Recipe

Strawberry Cobbler is such a nostalgic dish for me. There’s something about strawberries that makes me think of summer and sunshine. Now, fresh strawberries fantastic on their own, but they also go wonderfully on so many desserts. 

I have to admit something— I’m obsessed with strawberries. Seriously, type “strawberries” on

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