Colcannon Soup (Potato Kale Soup)

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This Irish-inspired colcannon soup is easy to make with creamy potatoes, kale and cheddar cheese.

The last time I made colcannon (traditional Irish mashed potatoes with kale), the thought occurred to me while gathering the ingredients that they would also be perfect in a soup!

So…here we are. ♡

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a traditional soup in Ireland, so I make no claims for authenticity here. But the traditional ingredients in colcannon (potatoes, kale, garlic, bay leaves, cream) form a fantastic base for a potato soup. And when simmered with extra leeks in veggie broth, blended until thick and creamy, and topped with a vibrant sprinkling of fresh scallions, this simple soup was full of cozy, fresh flavors. Basically a classic potato soup

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