Frito Pie

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This ain’t just any ol’ Frito Pie, boos! You’ve got a hearty beef and bean base (kinda like chili), all jazzed up with seasonings and topped with a generous layer of gooey cheese and crunchy Fritos. It’s comfort food with a lil’ kick, perfect for game day, a family dinner, or just because. Once you take a bite, you’ll be HOOKED!

Frito Pie is a Southwestern/Tex-Mex classic, y’all. Inspired by the OG Frito pie recipe, AKA walking taco or “tostilocos“, this version gets a huge upgrade. Instead of serving it in a mini Fritos bag, we’re goin’ big with a baking dish! And don’t let the name fool ya – this ain’t really a pie. It’s more like a taco casserole (like my

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