lemony white bean salad (simple and easy!)

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This lemony white bean salad is so fresh and simple. Creamy white beans are bathed in a lemon herb dressing, a pop of chile flakes, and salty feta.

This simple white bean salad is a go-to meal when you crave something fresh, satisfying, and quick. We whisk up a delicious lemon vinaigrette, with a bit of Dijon, garlic, and shallots. Then we toss in a big handful of fresh herbs, good cannellini beans, a pinch of chile flakes, and a crumble of salty feta.

I love chopping the all parsley stems to give the salad a subtle and delicate crunch– it’s a great contrast to the creamy white beans. And if you can get your hands on some chive blossoms, this is a beautiful

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