Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins

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Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins takes plain banana muffins to the next level by combining a chocolate hazelnut flavor with a tender banana muffin base.


Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins are bursting with moistness and the perfect combination of flavors. The rich swirls of Nutella throughout the batter add a tasty surprise with every bite (and they look pretty too!) If you love chocolate covered bananas then these muffins are for you! Whether you’re enjoying them for breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert, these muffins are going to become a family favorite!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What’s the point of microwaving the Nutella?

Nutella is thick like peanut butter. Microwaving it a bit helps to thin it out so it’s

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