Strawberry Shortcake Pie [Video]

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Strawberry shortcake pie is a freezer pie made of whipped cream and cream cheese filling topped with a buttery strawberry crumble. It will remind you of the classic ice cream that we all used to have, a childhood staple! You can make this delicious summer treat in less than an hour!

Table of contentsWhy you will love this recipeWhat you’ll need to make strawberry shortcake pieSpecial items:Ingredients the strawberry crumbles:Ingredients for the filling:How to make a strawberry shortcake pie recipe from scratch?Crumble Instructions:Filling instructions:Assemble strawberry shortcake pie:Expert tipHomemade or store-boughtRecipe variations and add-ins:Serving suggestions:Frequently asked questionsWhat is strawberry shortcake pie?What is the difference between this pie and strawberry pie?Why is my freezer pie runny?How do I fix

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